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New April Christian Life Notes: see Downloads


Praying for others


Some things we may not think about praying for....try adding one each day of the month.


1. Families with limited finances

2. Someone searching for a job

3. Families without enough food

4. Fathers-in-law

5. Children living in poverty

6. Those who are serving time in prison

7. Those who don’t have clean drinking water

8. Gardeners

9. Grief at the loss of a parent

10. Caregivers for parents

11. Hospice Workers

12. Someone learning a new language

13. Children suffering from cancer

14. Hospital Chaplains

15. Children in Foster care

16. People learning to read

17. For the unemployed

18. The terminally ill

19. Those who feels isolated 

20. Increased excitement for sharing the Gospel

21. Parents of teenagers

22. Office workers

23. Medical students

24. Those caring for animals

25. Those who are elderly and confined to home

26. Firefighters and police

27. Those struggling with Multiple Sclerosis

28. Someone who causes me frustration

30. Those struggling with addiction

31. To respond to God’s call



Do we always serve the Lord with gladness?

Do we worship because we love the Lord or is it out of a sense of duty?

Are we cheerful givers or is it just expected of us?

How willing are we to forgive?

Do we understand how much we need forgiveness?

How often do we go out of the way to share Jesus?

Where do I let my light shine for Jesus?

Do we ask “Why am I here? “ “What is the real purpose of my life?”           

As I leave the worship, Do I ask, “What did the Lord say to me today?”

Do I ask how it will affect my life?

What will I do about what I have heard?


Are you ever at a loss for words when you are praying?

Try these scripture references –


Giving Honor and Praise to our great God!

Ex. 15:6-7

Ps. 104

Ps. 145:1-7

Jer. 32:17-20

Luke 1:68-70, 74-75


For Guidance and Direction

Ps. 25:1, 3-5

Ps. 43: 3-4

Ps. 119: 129-136


Prayers of Thanks

I Chronicles 29: 10-15

Ps. 139: 13-18

Ps. 28:6-7

Ps. 75:1

Matt: 11:25-26

John 11:41-42

Ps. 118:21



Downloadable Resources

These were used at the 2015 District Retreat: "Afirmation of Faith" and "Worship Service Responsive Reading"




Anita Eller

VP Christian Life