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Human Care

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers (or sisters!) of Mine, you did for Me!”     Matthew 25:40

SOW - "Verse by Verse"

For the remainder of this biennium the Human Care Department will be aligning with Gospel Outreach to encourage the "SOWING" of God's Word in our communities.


At our Des Moines convention all of our speakers stressed the great importance of our getting out the Gospel message.   “G.T.A.J.”  -  Go Tell About Jesus is what Gary Thies from Mission Central said!


We in the pews have too often been timid to speak God's Word - for various and sundry reasons.

Our thinking has really been faulty because it doesn't give God the credit for His using the Scriptures to give birth to faith (Romans 10:7).


We are proposing that each of us "GO - - TELL" by getting folks together to share straight from Scripture.  The procedure would be to get 2 or 3 people together  - on a regular basis (weekly or every 2 weeks).     PRAY  -   PICK a book of the Bible  -  PURPOSE to meet regularly at a set time -  PURSUE the

verses and chapters in the joy of the Holy Spirit!


Keep it simple, consider  

     WHO is speaking?

     To WHOM is this spoken

     WHAT is said to them?

     WHAT is said to us?


When questions come up, PRAY about them right away and set them on God's "workbench" - await His answers and GO ON!!


Satan is going to HATE this! - - - - He absolutely wants us to feel that we aren't capable of doing this -

we aren't "knowledgeable" enough  - - -  or, like Moses  "I can't speak".  SOO we must expect his nonsense and let it GO!     We rather obey our Lord and Father who promises the Holy Spirit to speak to us in His Word.


SO - let's pray to be bold to reach out with SCRIPTURE!   Then, GO!  Expecting God to do what He says, "My Word will NOT return to Me void, but it will accomplish that for which I sent it."  (Is. 55:11).  We know that God's Word produces FAITH!  "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word" (Romans 10:17)


God wants EVERYONE to be saved and come to know the Truth  -  HOW can they hear the Truth if we don't get out of our comfort zones and SHARE it with them?    Start to pray now about WHO and HOW to reach out.    (Don't put this off!)    Several of you might like to go to a care facility, nursing home, or group home and start a "SOW  Verse By Verse" study.


To talk about this - get some encouragement - email Nicole Knutson